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Online classes go outdoors to boost students’ well-being

RTE News – October 2020

“Safeguarding and Building upon the Ethical Tradition in the Actuarial Profession”

Conference presentation at the Annual Convention of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland in December 2020

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100% pass rate achieved at the Paragon Research Subject CP2 tutorials. 

Ethics as a Value Added Component in Data Science

Conference presentation at the EAA Data Science & Data Ethics e-Conference June 2020

“Ethical Perspectives of Actuaries of the Future”

Conference presentation at the Virtual Colloquium of the International Actuarial Association, Paris, 2020

The presentation features video narratives created by students on the Professional & Classical Ethics module in University College Dublin, a True Education module taught based on the Know Yourself principle.

What is an actuary, why do they exist and what can they do?

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Article “A cultural revolution” in the Actuary Magazine 2016

Link to research paper that created the Know Yourself Test (originally called the Risk Personality Questionnaire)

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Is Toxic Leadership the Greatest Human Capital Risk 

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The Next Big Step in Risk Management

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Assessing Behavioural Risk

Assessing and managing risks arising from herd-like behaviour – including financial market bubbles