Know Yourself Test

We see the world partly the way we are and partly the way the world is.
To see the world the way it is, we need to know ourselves.
The key to getting the best out of ourselves is to know ourselves better.

Becoming Your Best Self

The word ‘education’ originally meant to ‘draw out from within your best self’. Here we aim to help you do that. We provide you with materials to self educate and a method to test how well you are learning to know and draw out your best self. Knowing yourself might seem innocuous, but if you really want to become your best self, it is the challenging journey that will get you there. Taking the Know Yourself Test will put you on a path to achieve greater self-realisation.

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A colleague recommended that I check out Colm’s work. She’d heard him speak at a conference and thought I’d like his work. “There’s an Actuary in Ireland who has done this work on character and the human condition and how this impacts business risk.” I was intrigued and curious to know more. I contacted Colm to find out more about …

Monica Smith

Partner, Hymans Robertson

There’s no simple formula for effective risk management, but that doesn’t mean we know nothing about what it takes. This test is the best distillation I have yet encountered of what it takes to navigate the changing, complex and always humbling waters of a world that will never conform to our rules.

Bob Collie

Chief Research Strategist, Russell Investments

Doing the Know Yourself Test was a really wise use of my time. The post-test discussion with Colm was both very helpful and stretching at the same time. I was really encouraged by the emphasis on self-awareness and development of character when seeking to be a better citizen. I would unreservedly recommend this to others.

Jonathan Smart

Principal, Barnett Waddingham

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